Manage your timeline

Create dependencies between related tasks to make sure they're completed in a particular order. Do certain tasks repeat from time to time? Set up a recurring task to repeat at the desired intervals and add reminders so nothing slips your mind!

Visualize your progress

The Gantt chart feature shows the current progress of your tasks in comparison to what was initially planned. Get comprehensive insights into your team and your work with customized dashboards and reports so your projects are always completed before their deadlines.

Stay connected

Always be in the know with immediate project updates in your feed. You can start a discussion there in the comments, take longer discussions to Forums, and keep in touch with your team through the built-in chat feature.

Track your hours

Project team members can easily log their billable and non-billable hours for managers to approve through the timesheet feature. Generate invoices using the approved entries with the help of the Zoho Invoice integration.

Shorten time to market

Operate in the cloud for rapid development and gain fast access to a preinstalled instance of the Financial Transaction Manager product suite.

Account Management

Managing a number of accounts can be challenging without a tool to process and organize tasks for each account separately. It is easy to mix up contacts or services, miss SLAs, or simply not have enough time to finish all the necessary tasks when handling multiple companies. With account management, these mix ups and delays can be overcome.


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